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When you’re feeling bored in your neighborhood… get out and take a walk!

The City of New York—especially Manhattan—plays a major role in the movie Ghostbusters, arguably as big as many of the leads! And although many of the interior scenes were filmed at studios in Los Angeles, lucky for us many of the exteriors were filmed right on the streets of the Big Apple.

If you have a few hours to kill, take a Ghostbusters walking tour and explore them all! Start at the south end of Manhattan and work your way up. Here are a few of the major “must see” sites:

  1. Ghostbusters HQ — (FDNY Hook & Ladder No. 8 Firehouse) 14 North Moore St. at Varick St. The guys purchased this building and turned it into their headquarters. Still a functioning firehouse, if you stop by at the right time and the doors are open, you can peek in and see a lit Ghostbusters II sign hanging from the wall!
  2. Manhattan Bridge — Canal St., East River. Ray and Winston have a revelation one night while driving back over this bridge from Brooklyn.
  3. New York Public Library — 5th Ave at 42nd St. As seen at the beginning of the movie (covered in scaffolding!), you can also go inside and see the main hall, one of the few interiors shot on location.
  4. Dana Barrett’s Apartment — 55 Central Park West (West 66th St.) Although the sinister-looking upper section of the building seen in the film was a matte painting added on for the film, the apartment is still recognizable as “Spook Central.”
  5. Tavern on the Green — Central Park West & 67th St. Cynical New Yorkers ignored Louis Tully’s cries for help from inside the glass dining area of this restaurant located in Central Park.
  6. Columbia University — 116th St. & Broadway Columbia was us as a stand-in for the unnamed university that Peter, Ray, and Egon were kicked out of at the beginning of the film.

These are some of the major recognizable locations, but there are dozens more spots around the city you may have spotted. Check some of these sites for even more:

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