Peanut Butter & Co. restaurant in the West VillagePeanut Butter & Co. is a quaint little restaurant in the West Village that serves—as you may have guessed—variants on the peanut butter sandwich, and nothing but.

In addition to the more traditional peanut butter sandwiches (such as and jelly, or and marshmallow Fluff, for instance) the daring may also try such unusual sandwiches as the peanut butter BLT or their spicy peanut butter and grilled chicken sandwich. And yes, they do offer “The Elvis,” which is a grilled peanut butter sandwich with bananas and honey, just the way The King loved it. Bacon is optional!

The atmosphere is comfortable. It’s small, seating a dozen or so customers at the most, with sparse decorations, consisting mainly of vintage advertisements for, naturally, peanut butter and milk.

Peanut Butter & Co. also sells jars of its own brand of peanut butter, with lots of interesting flavors, including Dark Chocolate Dreams, Mighty Maple, and The Heat is On, a particularly spicy variety.

The prices are a bit high considering they are, after all, selling peanut butter sandwiches, but if you’re a peanut butter fanatic you cannot afford to miss Peanut Butter & Co.

Visit Peanut Butter & Co. at 122 West 3rd St. (between Macdougal Ave. and 6th Ave.), or online at

Photo by Uri Baruchin on Flickr.