Amongst all the weird restaurants in NYC, the Jekyll & Hyde Club is by far the weirdest. A one-of-a-kind restaurant that can only be described as a Chuck E. Cheese for horror-loving adults, though it’s tame enough for families to enjoy (though families with small and easily-frightened children may want to reconsider).

Jekyll & Hyde can get busy—the line occasionally stretches halfway down the block, so reservations are recommended, but not necessary.

To begin with, you can eat on any one of four floors, each with its own unique theme, detailed “sets,” and high-tech, theme park-quality automated horror figures and displays that shake, scream, talk, and sing. Each floor also overlooks a large open area which houses the biggest and most impressive displays of all.

The food is of typical family restaurant or diner variety, offering dishes such as hamburgers, pasta, and everything in between. The food is prepared well, and though the portions seemed small tastes fine, though it’s nothing special. The prices run a tiny bit on the high side, though nothing astronomical, but Jekyll & Hyde is not the type of restaurant you go to for the food anyway. It’s all about the atmosphere, and in this sense, the Jekyll & Hyde Club more than delivers. (And on this note, the bill includes a $3 “entertainment fee” per person.)

Jekyll and Hyde Club is gimmicky, and a bit high priced, but something that should be experienced at least once, and a great way to “kill” time when you’re bored in NYC around Halloween—or anytime, if you like being scared! Definitely check it out.

You can visit the Jekyll & Hyde Club at 1409 6th Ave. (between 57th St. and 58th St.), or online at

Photo by Katy Warner on Flickr.