Depending on where you happen to be standing, walking, eating or sleeping, New York is either the most overwhelming and chaotic city in America or the warmest, most romantic town on earth.

For all the bright-lights-big-city grandeur (Midtown’s twinkling canyons, Wall Street’s warp-speed intensity), one can always find a charmingly quiet neighborhood where the world feels no wider than a sidewalk stoop—and all these lie within mere blocks of one another.

You can experience the size and scale of New York City on a helicopter tour, get a glimpse of all the famous landmarks on a bus tour – but, to truly get to the heart of the “big apple”; to understand its people and get up close to the New York tourist attractions you really need to take a New York City sightseeing tours.

New York is one of the world’s great walking cities and it is best to explore this city on foot. Venture into the green spaces of central park, go around the Brooklyn Bridge or just poke around the neighborhood cafes, shops, art galleries or museums. Heading out to walk the neighborhoods of New York is a fun, involved, and adventurous way to see the sights and life of the city. Guided walking tours of New York offer a relaxed place and low-budget entertainment.

New York City walking tours can be an excellent choice for budget traveler. It also allows travelers to explore the street life of NYC.

There is a great range of walking tours of New York City available; whether you want to discover the historic districts, wander the streets of the ethnic neighborhoods or lose yourself in the magnificent Central Park. From a historic pub crawl to dishing the dirt on Wall Street to a scholar led tour walking tour of New York’s archeological sites (yes, archeological sites), New York walking tours are as diverse as the city itself. They also cover major New York tours and attractions, New York museums that can otherwise be visited by bus.

Some of the popular walking tours are:

The Wall Street Financial Crisis Tour
What exactly happened between 2007 and 2009 to bring the world economy to its knees? No, we’re not exactly sure either; or at least we weren’t until we took this wonderful New York walking tour. Led by a Wall Street insider this tour is a lesson in global banking and a sightseeing tour combined!

New York Walking Tour – Archeology
New York City may not be one of the destinations that you associate with archeology; however this New York Walking tour sets out to change that perception, giving you a fascinating introduction into urban archeology, where the ancient city meets the modern. Your guide, a trained archeologist will show you the foundations of the city and you will also visit the New York City archeology lab which is not open to the general public.

Greenwich Village Walking Tour – In the Footsteps of Edgar Allan Poe
Greenwich Village is one of New York’s most fascinating districts and definitely an area to be explored on foot. On this New York walking tour you’ll find out how, for well over a century, ‘The Village’ has nurtured struggling artists, writers and musicians from Edgar Allan Poe to the Beat poets to Bob Dylan and Simon and Garfunkel.

History of Central Park Walking Tour
For many New Yorkers, Central Park is the heart of their city. The 480 acre park is used for recreation, romance, culture, memorials and much more. This New York walking tour is led by an academic expert with vast knowledge on New York City’s history who will talk you through the history of Central Park, from the urban landscaping project which created the park to the innovative conservation movements that maintain it.

Jewish Cuisine and Culture Walking Tour
One of a more off-the-beaten-track New York Walking Tours, this tour takes you to the Lower East Side to visit an area which has been shaped by Jewish Immigrants from Russia and Eastern Europe. As well as providing a window to the history and culture of the area, your tour guide – an expert on Jewish Cuisine, will take you to many of the area’s most renowned deli’s where you can sample bialys, pickles and many more Jewish delicacies.

New York Pub Crawl – East Village
Travel back in time on this New York walking tour which takes you to some of New York’s oldest pubs. Have a drink in a pub once frequented by JFK and the pub where Abraham Lincoln drank after making his Cooper Union address.

These are just examples. There are a lot more popular walking tours available at New York City walking tours.
Just remember that you wear comfortable shoes and if you’re walking during the summer, be sure to bring plenty of water. Last but not the least, don’t forget to bring your camera.

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